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It's easier than understanding the French speaking English...

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Guirlande de drapeaux français


French as a Foreign Language

French lessons for non-French speakers in the Tarn (Cordes-sur-Ciel, Albi, Gaillac, Castres), Toulouse  or online.

Manuel de chimie

Homework Support

Primary and French "collège"

Homework and school support in the Tarn (Cordes-sur-Ciel, Albi, Gaillac, Castres), Toulouse or online for children attending a French school.

If you already know the basics of the French language (A2 minimum) and would like to focus more on conversational skills. 

If you want to improve your knowledge of the French language. We'll do some grammar and learn everyday vocabulary. You will develop not only your reading and writing skills but also improve your talking and listening. 

Don't fail because you didn't prepare enough! Choose this course if you need help to prepare for a French competency exam (DELF, TEF, TCF) or a job interview in French.



Teacher of French as a Foreign Language since 2014.
7 years of experience abroad at the Alliance Française and at the French School.

Fluent English speaker.

Choose this course if you need to improve your business French or your oral and written communication with colleagues and clients. In this tailor-made course, I'll help you learn specific vocabulary relevant to your field of expertise.

Lessons for when your child needs help with homework to feel more comfortable and improve confidence at school.

Choose this course if your child needs help with English homework or wants to better understand and practise speaking English

Download some of my teaching materials to learn French vocabulary or to teach your children at home.


Receive a 50% tax reduction for all private lessons conducted at your home.

Only valid if you pay taxes in France.

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